Verified: Product Recommendations from Business Leaders

Products and services that enhance the work and lives of local professionals.

Verified: Product Recommendations from Business Leaders


Orange Theory Fitness

"It makes the best 'happy hour' for my coworkers and me at the end of a long week! We show up and cheer each other on. The instructors (like Jay in Edina) are great. It’s high energy and great stress relief.”

—Erin Procko, president and banking director, Bell Bank Twin Cities

Oregano Oil

“I have no time to let anything slow me down—like a cold—which is why I always carry oregano oil. I take it at the first sign of any illness as a surefire way to proactively tackle viral infection. Be warned: it tastes awful, but works awesome!”

—Summer Kath, executive vice president of business development, Cambria USA

The Wardrobe Refinery

This Minneapolis-based styling service builds wardrobes out of thrifted finds. “We both hate shopping but love what these women are doing to address sustainability in the apparel industry!”

—Lynn Hoffman and Kate Davenport, co-presidents, Eureka Recycling

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