Verified: Product Recommendations from Business Leaders

Verified: Product Recommendations from Business Leaders

Podcast | Digiday Podcast

“It helps me stay on top of what’s next in the ever-changing world of digital and marketing, while I’m driving to work or walking my dog.”
—Erin Storm, vice president of solutions, Lola Red

Software | Canva

“This design tool helps me keep my branding consistent and fresh. I also save lots of money by doing it myself.”
—Heather Corndorf, founder, mXe Movement Studio in Linden Hills

Product | Shoehorn

“When my mother-in-law gave me a long-handled shoehorn, I just chuckled; Then I tried it. Now I get it. My feet just slide into my dress shoes. I’ve even created a special place in the entryway to hang my now-beloved analog app for my feet.”
—Peter Diessner, president, Kraus-Anderson Realty Co., Kraus-Anderson Development Co.

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