Verified: Product Recommendations from Business Leaders in 2019

Busy executives share the products and services they’re loving, on and off the job.

Verified: Product Recommendations from Business Leaders in 2019



“I live my life making lists, so I’ve become addicted to Wunderlist as my go-to app to keep track of home, work, gift ideas, and other to-dos.”

—Craig Samitt, president and CEO, BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota


Tax Bot

“It syncs with your calendar and GPS to track and store business expenses, making tax filings easier in the end.”

—Priya Morioka, chief operating officer, Global Language & Staffing Connections, Mpls.



“I am personally and professionally interested in this app for sports and outdoor companies to connect with influencers, and for influencers to try their gear at a discount.”

—Matt Kucharski, president, Padilla, Minneapolis


Peloton app

“The app makes it possible for me to take a Peloton class anywhere—like in my home gym, at the club, or on the road.”

—Jacqueline Crowley, managing director, CIBC Private Wealth Management, Minneapolis




Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

“I’m working with a career coach and he recommended this 1946 book. I found it helpful to really focus on the positive in life and work. It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos and problems we need to deal with, but if someone in a concentration camp can find purpose and meaning in their life, surely I can shift my mindset to intentionally focus on finding meaningful purpose in life.”

—Amy Roberts, partner, Grant Thornton, Minneapolis


Power Moves by Adam Grant

“Adam Grant’s latest brainchild is about power and what it reveals in those who think they have it and in leaders who are losing their power. ‘New power’ is about building your own networks, finding new solutions, and working against the grain to create new things.”

—Aleesha Webb, president, Village Bank


Becoming by Michelle Obama

“She’s very candid, as we’ve known her to be. Any woman can benefit from reading this book because she’s so sophisticated and articulate. To remain as graceful as she did [through her experiences], that’s priceless.”

—Natalie Morrow, founder/CEO, Twin Cities Black Film Festival, The Morrow Group

Plymouth-based Studio 120 handled the replication and packaging of the “Becoming” audio CD—90,000 16-disc sets so far.


The Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea, by Bob Burg and John David Mann

“I was raised that you give onto others and it will come back to you tenfold. This book takes that to a whole new level. It is simple and has ideas that you can implement right away to help you lead a more authentic and happy life.”

—Nicole N. Middendorf, CEO, Prosperwell Financial, Plymouth

Office Product

Franklin Planner

“I love it as a complement to my electronic calendaring. I am a visual person, so being able to see a month at a glance is a habit I cannot break. It doubles as my briefcase, as I never run out of business cards or paper. I guess it’s my ‘business blankie’ for keeping my life in order, and it’s often a conversation starter too.”

—J. Marie Fieger, CEO, Nemer Fieger, Minneapolis


Tech Tool


“It does a great job of highlighting the best restaurants each city has to offer in a concise way so that I can quickly figure out which places I want to eat at wherever I travel. I love that it is frequently updated to include new restaurants, and I also love their map function.”

—Josh Resnik, CEO, Twin Cities Co-op Partners


Tasks in a Box

“I found this Microsoft Office add-on by accident. It’s an awesome tool to help clear out my inbox and schedule emails to come back into my inbox when they are relevant. Helps me manage my day, week, and month.”

—Ashok Dhariwal, owner, Yoga Fit Studios, Twin Cities


Apple Pencil

“It automatically pairs and charges when magnetically attached to the new 11-inch iPad. It’s a wonderful blend of function and fun!”

—David Kristal, CEO and co-chairman, Augeo Affinity Marketing, St. Paul




Meeting Spot | Brick & Mortar

“I use it as a work space with a social flair. You cannot beat the funky rooftop for entertaining my favorite friends and colleagues downtown.”

—Amy Langer, co-founder, SALO


Meal Delivery | Hello Fresh

“As a busy executive with a toddler, anything I can outsource, I do. Hello Fresh took away meal planning and builds in accountability that our family will prepare at least two home-cooked meals a week. The meals are good (some are better than others) and for around $70 weekly, there are weeks where we save money because we’re eating out less. It doesn’t hurt that the meals are fairly healthy, too.”

—Dara Beevas, chief strategic officer, Wise Ink Creative Publishing, Minneapolis



“It’s a full-body release to every kind of stress.”

—Scott Michaelis, vice president/general manager, Rosedale Center, Roseville


Photo By: Staff Sgt. Clinton Firstbrook


“I play on a co-ed team through Minneapolis parks [department] and a women’s team at Augsburg College. It’s a crazy good workout and a total blast.”

—Jennifer Lammers, attorney, Briggs and Morgan, Minneapolis



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