Leadership Vacuum

A night of anarchy left local business and citizenry looking for leadership, which was in short supply.

Dorsey Law Firm Cuts Pay and Jobs

Responding to the coronavirus pandemic, the prestigious law firm reduces expenses to match a tough economic environment.

Breach of Contract During COVID-19 Outbreak? Better Dust Off Your Agreements

Force majeure clauses and common law remedies could help businesses that can’t meet contract obligations. But no agreement is the same.

Klobuchar Looks to Add More Teeth to Antitrust Law

The former Democratic presidential candidate has proposed new legislation that would narrow antitrust immunity and enable civil penalties.

Fingerhut Catalog’s Parent Company Files for Bankruptcy

The direct-to-consumer retail company filed for bankruptcy after weaker-than-expected sales performance and debt in excess of $460 million.

3M Settles with Wolverine for $55M

The money will go toward remediating PFAS contamination in Michigan drinking water.

Maplewood Funeral Home Owners Charged with Theft, Fraud

The two owners are alleged to have misused customers’ payments for 20 years.

MN Attorney General Keith Ellison Announces $1.14M Comcast Settlement

The news follows a settlement with another internet provider earlier this month.

MN Attorney General Stepping into Otto Bremer Trust-Bremer Financial Dispute

On the heels of three lawsuits, Attorney General Keith Ellison’s office has opened an investigation into the legitimacy of Otto Bremer Trust’s sale of Bremer Financial shares.

Minnesota Secures $8.9 M in Settlement with CenturyLink

Internet and cable provider CenturyLink has agreed to pay $8.9 million for overcharging Minnesota customers since 2011, attorney general Keith Ellison says.

Bremer Bank Employee-Shareholders Sue Otto Bremer Trust Leaders

Sixteen employees have filed a class action lawsuit alleging the trustees’ actions violate fiduciary duty and shareholder rights.

Otto Bremer Trustees Deny Claims in Bremer Bank Suit

In an official response to the suit filed by Bremer Financial Corp. board members, Otto Bremer Trustees deny all allegations and double down on plans to sell Bremer Bank.

Minnesota Sues Juul Over ‘Deceptive Advertising’

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison says the company knowingly marketed its product toward youth.

Bremer Financial Board Members Sue Otto Bremer Trust Leaders Over Planned Sale

Seven of the bank’s board members have filed a complaint calling the sale a “hostile takeover” attempt.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Trump Administration’s ‘Final Conscience’ Rule

In September, Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison and several other leaders filed a court motion to block the “final conscience” rule, which would have allowed individuals to refuse to provide health care services that violated their personal beliefs.

Gray Plant Mooty to Merge with Kansas City Law Firm

The announcement marks the latest in a string of law firm mergers over the years.

Tobacco Company Owes ‘Millions’ to State of Minnesota, AG Says

The Ramsey County District Court found that R.J. Reynolds Co. failed to comply with financial terms of a 1998 settlement between the state and the tobacco industry for smoke-related health care costs.

Fifteen Eat Street Restaurants Violated Wage and Labor Laws, says U.S. Labor Dept.

An investigation found violations of wage, overtime, and record-keeping laws. A total of $367,359 was consequently owed to 162 employees.

Navigating Intellectual Property Thickets

Twin Cities attorneys analyze the impact of the Defend Trade Secrets Act as well as how evolving IP law applies to videos and software.

Briggs, Taft Eye Growth After Merger

The combined firm will likely make more acquisitions over the next few years, leaders say.

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