Women's Leadership Awards
2016 Women's Leadership Awards

2016 Women's Leadership Awards

Five accomplished women serve as role models in how they lead their companies and serve their communities.

Perseverance, an ability to empower others and the willingness to work hard are characteristics of the five women Twin Cities Business is honoring with special leadership awards.

All five women are excellent strategic thinkers and have talents for business. They have risen to leadership positions in industries traditionally dominated by men. Equally important, they all possess the inner drive to test themselves and persuade their employees to join with them to help their companies excel.

The women profiled in the following pages have found ways to juggle work, community and family roles, so they can make important contributions to all aspects of their lives.

Twin Cities Business presents the winners of the 2016 TCB Women’s Leadership Awards:

Kate Kelly | President and CEO | Minnesota Bank & Trust

Jill Lloyd | President | Lloyd Security Inc.

Kim Nelson | CFO | SPS Commerce

Susan Park Rani | President | Rani Engineering

Diane “Dee” Thibodeau | CEO and co-founder | Charter Solutions