2015 Marvelous Mentor Awards Event Photos

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_004

    2015 Marvelous Mentor Awards

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_005

    2015 Marvelous Mentor Awards

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_006

    2015 Marvelous Mentor Awards

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_007

    2015 Marvelous Mentor Awards

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_008

    2015 Marvelous Mentor Awards

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_047

    2015 Marvelous Mentor Awards

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_016

    2015 Marvelous Mentor Awards

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_021

    Honoree, Joan Thompson and Guests

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_026

    Honoree, Esperanza Guerrero-Anderson and Guests

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_013

    2015 Marvelous Mentor Awards

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_030

    2015 Marvelous Mentor Awards

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_109

    2015 Marvelous Mentor Awards

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_090

    Dale Kurschner, Twin Cities Busines

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_081

    Colleen Sauter, University of St. Thomas

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_094

    Mentee, Darin Lynch

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_101

    Mentor and Honoree, Mark Cohn

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_121

    Mentee, Joe Cavanaugh

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_127

    Mentor and Honoree, Charles Denny Jr.

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_141

    Mentor and Honoree, Don Divine

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_164

    Mentor and Honoree, Esperanza Guerrero-Anderson

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_174

    Mentee, Ingrid Christensen

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_179

    Mentor and Honoree, Joan Thompson

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_188

    2015 Marvelous Mentor Honorees

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_189

    Darin Lynch and Mark Cohn

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_194

    Don Divine and Mike Beddor

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_198

    Esperanza Guerrero-Anderson and Richard Copeland

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_177

    Joan Thompson and Ingrid Christensen

  • 08182015_TCBMag_Mentors_204

    Charles Denny Jr. and Guest

  • A slideshow of images taken during the 2015Twin Cities Business'Marvelous Mentor Awards, held at the Nicollet Island Pavillion in August 2015.

    2015 Honorees
    Mark Cohn
    Charles Denny Jr.
    Don Divine
    Esperanza Guerrero-Anderson
    Joan Thompson

    To read more abou the honorees, visit the 2015 Marvelous Mentors article.

    Photos by Adam Bettcher Photography