Performing Philanthropy

Sarah Lutman

The Route To Effective Philanthropy

Central Corridor Funders’ Collaborative, which coordinates development along the new light-rail line, is a partnership that works.

by Sarah Lutman

Every Picture Tells a Story

The nonprofit sector embraces infographics.

Thinking Big At The Schulze Family Foundation

TCB talks with president and CEO Mark Dienhart about the organization’s plans.

Measuring What Matters

Charity Navigator is another step along the path toward results-oriented philanthropy.

Like Everything Else, The Minimum Wage Debate Is Complicated

How will proposals to raise Minnesota’s minimum wage affect the nonprofit sector?

Are Contests Worth It?

Grantmakers use open competitions to identify new ideas and reach new people.

Impartiality, Journalism, and Philanthropy

Thoughts on an increasingly activist philanthropic sector.

Emerging Leader Organizations On The Rise

Millennials are gathering in big numbers to help build Minnesota’s civic culture.

Philanthropy As Strategic Investment

Beyond the buzzwords, what does it really mean?

Education Disruption

How online education is changing traditional, nonprofit colleges.

Is the Nonprofit Sector Right For You?

Here are a few things to ponder for those interested in leaving the for-profit world.

Orchestras At A Crossroads

Much can be learned from the economics of orchestras—even if you’re not interested in classical music.

Hackers Welcome

Museums are finding new ways to engage the public, in person and online.

New Leadership At The Bush Foundation

Jennifer Ford Reedy on the role of government, the utility of metrics, and the value of optimism.

Do Fewer Nonprofits Mean Better Nonprofits?

Competition among nonprofits is a healthy force for change.

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