Editor's Note

by Dale Kurschner
Blind Intersection, Cross Traffic Ahead

We need to examine current spending and future needs before accelerating road spending.

Corner Office

by Mark Sheffert
The Best Leader: Superman or Clark Kent?

In leadership, looks can be deceiving.

Performing Philanthropy

by Sarah Lutman
Capitol Agenda

What are nonprofit leaders lobbying for?

Northern Exposure

by Gene Rebeck
A New Image For Ikonics

A quiet publicly traded Duluth company is shaking up its business model with partnerships in the aviation and automobile industries.

Explanation of Benefits

by David Burda
Employers: Don’t Be Narrow-minded

Due diligence is required when considering narrow provider networks for workers.

Personal Brand

by Roshini Rajkumar
Gratitude Is Good Business

Why a sign of thanks goes a long way.

Guest Commentary

by Sima Griffith
Encouraging Entrepreneurs

Some thoughts on promoting the creation of new business in Minnesota.

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