Editor's Note

by Dale Kurschner
Activist Shareholders Wanted

Time to swing back to shareholder activism.

Corner Office

by Mark Sheffert
How Much Does Character Matter?

The first major study proves a measurable and significant return.

Open Letter

by Vance Opperman
Watch Out! Minnesota Has Bags Of Money!

Here's who should benefit from that tantalizing budget surplus.

Performing Philanthropy

by Sarah Lutman
Is Your Board Bored?

Fresh ways to engage and retain the 21st-century board member.

Northern Exposure

by Gene Rebeck
On The Duluth Waterfront

Mine shutdowns in 2015 will alter traffic flow at the Port of Duluth-Superior, but the Port Authority sees growth options.

Explanation of Benefits

by David Burda
Keeping Your Employees Safe

An abundance of resources enables companies to steer patients to the safest hospitals and doctors.

Personal Brand

by Roshini Rajkumar
No More Networking

Thinking differently about networking can make it an asset rather than a chore.

Guest Commentary

by Sima Griffith
Encouraging Entrepreneurs

Some thoughts on promoting the creation of new business in Minnesota.

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