Editor's Note

by Dale Kurschner
Editor's Note
The Cold-State Advantage

Minnesota innovation continues to triumph, despite the elements—natural and man-made.

It's All Relative

by Tom Hubler
The Silent Treatment

Avoiding a discussion of family disagreements simply magnifies problems.

Open Letter

by Vance Opperman
Rigged Elections?

To: The Honorable Denise Merrill<br/> President<br/> National Association of Secretaries of State<br/> Washington, D.C.

Performing Philanthropy

by Sarah Lutman
Is Your Business Fostering Racial Equity?

Change starts in our hearts, heads and homes. Here are resources to start making change.

Northern Exposure

by Gene Rebeck
Northern Minnesota's DIY Entrepreneurs

New cut-and-sew businesses are sprouting up on the North Shore, inspired by the craft mentality and sturdy outdoors ethos.

Explanation of Benefits

by David Burda
The Death Of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Is Greatly Exaggerated

Despite dire predictions, businesses continue to step up and provide health benefits to workers.

Personal Brand

by Roshini Rajkumar
Negotiating The Salary You Deserve

How to get what you’re worth in job negotiations.

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