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Editor's Note

Organic Creativity

To fill our magazine's pages, we research what’s going on inside Minnesota businesses relative to the rest of the world, and analyze dozens of other sources.

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Corner Office

Your Best Growth May Be Right Under Your Nose

Organic growth requires focus and engaged leadership.

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Open Letter

Empty Nest, Empty Wallet

Late summer is the perfect time to contemplate empty nesthood.

Sarah Lutman's

Performing Philanthropy

Back To School

This school year, consider doing something extra to help Minnesota’s children.

Dennis B. McGrath's

Explanation of Benefits

Is It Time to Pack Your Bags?

Predictions about the explosion in medical tourism may finally come true.

Gene Rebeck's

Northern Exposure

Making It

Heavy manufacturing makes a comeback on the Iron Range.

Dan Haugen's

Fuel for Thought

NABERS: Australian For Efficiency

Honeywell says Minnesota could boost commercial building efficiency by importing an energy policy from Down Under.

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Guest Commentary

Encouraging Entrepreneurs

Some thoughts on promoting the creation of new business in Minnesota.

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