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American Crystal Sugar Gambles that a Messy Labor Dispute Will Pay Off + Will Beer Stay Cool?

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Ask Terry Trippler

Ask Terry Trippler

Air-travel expert Terry Trippler will help you find the lowest fare to where you're going. But he thinks you'll pay in the end. Call his often-surprising insights "aironomics."

Harvey Speaks

Harvey Speaks

About his life, career, and decision to buy back into his business at 74.

Can Beer Stay Cool?

Can Beer Stay Cool?

Craft breweries are springing up all across the Twin Cities. Why now? And will demand keep these start-up businesses from going flat?

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Jim Nonn

Small And Mighty

Egan Company’s CIO Jim Nonn prides himself on how much he and his five-person department can do.

Vance Opperman

Sterling Recommendations

A task force report that’s worth looking into.

Do Your SharePoint

Do Your SharePoint

Every adoption of Microsoft’s sprawling SharePoint software is unique.

Mark Sheffert

Under Attack: Trust

There’s a difference between being trusted and being trustworthy

Where’s the Money?

Where’s The Money?

It might be in venture capital—for companies with strong ideas, large markets, and clear exit strategies.

Lee Schafer

Jobs2Web: This Time It Really Is Different

Internet-based tech businesses remain a hot commodity, but there’s a rationality to the feeding frenzy.

Securing a Market

Securing A Market

Interrad Medical's catheter securing system attracts $10 million in funding.

Tony Carideo


How a talented high school principal and a passionate CEO performed a near-miracle.

Heard and Seen

Heard And Seen

Alpha Video and Audio introduces an innnovative emergency notification system for schools.

Fresh Scent

Fresh Scent

Mulberrys seeks to make dry cleaning sustainable—and convenient. In three years, it has opened six locations.

Scratching a Niche

Scratching A Niche

Five Twin Cities attorneys tell us about their highly specialized practices.

Plugged In

Plugged In

The best opportunities for networking this month.

Join the Party (or Escape It!)

Join The Party (or Escape It!)

Where to find the perfect Twin Cities hotel.

Slow Motion Ecstasy

Slow Motion Ecstasy

Periscope’s innovative campaign for Treasure Island evokes the agency’s jackpot year.

Pot Roast

Pot Roast

The old standard is no longer just an ironic statement in hipster restaurants.

Crashing the Party

Crashing The Party

“Off The Cuff: The Spontaneous And Unrehearsed”

Bobby Z

Bobby Z

Reunites Prince’s Revolution

Sklar Brothers

Sklar Brothers

Crack Wise at the Varsity

Call the Lice Ladies

Call The Lice Ladies

The Twin Cities’ first lice elimination superstore found a niche in need of scratching.

Still Living in the Plastic Age

Still Living In The Plastic Age

Minneapolis’s Taiga Records produces avant-garde music in an old-school format.

G Is For Good Gate Grub

G Is For Good Gate Grub

Delta Air Lines is spearheading a reinvention of airport concessions at MSP, and the results are already apparent.

The Hyatt Regency, Renewed

The Hyatt Regency, Renewed

Through a $25 million redesign, the Hyatt Regency looks to refresh its appeal to business travelers amid a lodging industry recovery.

iPads Waiting in the Wings

IPads Waiting In The Wings

Does high technology mix with chicken bones and beer? Buffalo Wild Wings is investigating.

Dale Kurschner

The Grays Of Fairness

American Crystal Sugar Company's lockout: a perfect stalemate.

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