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Dan Seman Will Protect You

He says "guard" is the world's oldest profession, and it's a job he loves. Is that despite or because of the puffed-up celebrities, the sycophants who attend them, and the chair-hurling CEOs? Hard to say.


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How Does Cecily Sommers Know What You'll Be Doing Next?

How Does Cecily Sommers Know What You'll Be Doing Next?

The founder of the Push Institute is an accidental futurist whose arty, techy conference has found a business following.

Chip Emery's World Is Round

Chip Emery's World Is Round

Like many Minnesota manufacturers, MTS Systems is selling more and more of its products outside the United States, but has been making them here in Minnesota rather than sending production overseas. Still, the global economy is demanding significant changes in the way MTS operates.

An Appointment With Joe

An Appointment With Joe

How can so many coffee shops stay in business? One reason is that customers do so much of their own business there.

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2007 TechNO Expo

The Twin Cities Business virtual technology trade show.

Counting Up

Counting Up

CFO John Buske of Memorial Blood Centers wins a national financial-executive award.

Moving Health Ahead

Medical device companies talk about new products, challenges they face, and why Minnesota is the best place in the world to be in this business.

The Retaliation Dilemma

The Retaliation Dilemma

A new Supreme Court decision may make it harder to avoid retaliation claims from whistleblowers and discrimination complainants. Local experts offer advice.

Religion at Work

Religion At Work

Tolerance and flexibility regarding religious beliefs can help you stay on the right side of the law—and improve your workplace.

Succession Plans

Succession Plans

Warren Buffett's shareholders letter brings to mind the most intriguing business study of the past year.

A River Divides It


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