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The New Generation Of Medicine

The University of Minnesota has quietly moved to the forefront of worldwide stem cell research. Given the global competition, can the U of M stay there? And will state businesses benefit?


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Lyle Berman's Lucky 13

Lyle Berman's Lucky 13

The Minnesota native behind the World Poker Tour puts his cards on the table and reveals his secrets for entrepreneurial success.

Late Bloomer

Late Bloomer

MGI Pharma has lost money for most of its 27 years. Can it reach sustained profitability now? With a strategy of less R and more D, its executives believe the answer is yes.

The New Brain Drain

The New Brain Drain

There are people who know when to turn the handle, how to interpret the data, and where to find the file. When they retire, they take all that know-how with them. The buzz words these days at the companies they work for? "Knowledge management."

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Optimum Outsourcing

Sending IT functions to an outside provider can cut costs and headaches.

Wanted: Board Members

Wanted: Board Members

Who is afraid of board service?

Is Gambling Good For Minnesota?

Don't bet on it.


California Cafe; takes new liberties.

Portfolios, Potatoes, Politics

Portfolios, Potatoes, Politics

An investment analyst looks at election results.

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